2015 Manager of the Year Ballots

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Voter Lg 1st 2nd 3rd
Andy McCullough AL Banister Yost Molitor
Bill West NL Matheny Maddon Hurdle
Bob Nightengale NL Matheny Maddon Collins
Bruce Levine AL Girardi Molitor Banister
Chad Jennings AL Hinch Banister Molitor
Charles Odum NL Maddon Collins Matheny
Chase Hughes NL Maddon Collins Matheny
Chris Jenkins NL Maddon Collins Hurdle
Daniel Brown NL Matheny Maddon Collins
Dave Campbell AL Banister Gibbons Molitor
David Barron AL Hinch Banister Molitor
David Brown AL Molitor Banister Yost
Dennis Manoloff AL Banister Gibbons Girardi
Dick Scanlon AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Doug Padilla AL Banister Gibbons Molitor
Erik Boland AL Molitor Banister Hinch
Evan Drellich AL Hinch Banister Molitor
Fred Mitchell NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Gil LeBreton AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Gordon Edes AL Hinch Banister Yost
Greg Beacham AL Banister Hinch Gibbons
Guy Curtright NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Hideki Okuda NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Jack McCaffery NL Maddon Matheny Mattingly
Jake Kaplan NL Matheny Maddon Collins
James Schmehl AL Banister Gibbons Hinch
Jay Paris NL Maddon Collins Hurdle
Jerry Crasnick AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Jill Painter Lopez AL Banister Hinch Scioscia
Jim Caple AL Banister Molitor Hinch
Joe Ostermeier NL Matheny Maddon Collins
Jonah Keri NL Matheny Maddon Hurdle
Katsushi Nagao NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Ken Davidoff NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Kevin Sherrington AL Banister Hinch Yost
Mark Schmetzer NL Collins Maddon Matheny
Matthew Ehalt NL Collins Matheny Maddon
Mel Antonen AL Girardi Hinch Molitor
Mike Rutsey AL Hinch Gibbons Banister
Molly Knight NL Maddon Matheny Hurdle
Nick Groke NL Maddon Matheny Hurdle
Nobuyuki Kobayashi AL Hinch Banister Gibbons
Octavio Sequera NL Matheny Maddon Collins
Pat Reusse AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Paul Daugherty NL Maddon Collins Hurdle
R.B. Fallstrom NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Robert MacLeod AL Gibbons Hinch Yost
Ryan Lewis AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Scott Bordow NL Collins Maddon Matheny
Scott Lauber AL Hinch Banister Molitor
Scott Ostler NL Maddon Matheny Bochy
Stephen Nesbitt NL Matheny Maddon Hurdle
Steve Kroner AL Banister Hinch Girardi
Tim Kawakami AL Hinch Molitor Banister
Tom D'Angelo NL Maddon Collins Matheny
Tom Gage AL Banister Hinch Yost
Tom Haudricourt NL Matheny Maddon Collins
Tom Jones AL Banister Hinch Molitor
Tom Schad NL Maddon Matheny Collins
Tom Verducci NL Maddon Collins Matheny